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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 48 STARS?
    48 STARS is a non-profit documentary group dedicated to preserving the stories of WWII veterans through in-depth interviews and a full-length feature film.
  • What is the main focus of the documentary?
    The documentary captures the experiences of 48 WWII veterans, delving into their lives before, during, and after the war, as well as their perspectives on the American flag.
  • How can I watch the documentary?
    Information about accessing the documentary can be found on our "Watch" page. It's available for streaming on various platforms.
  • Is 48 STARS affiliated with any military organizations?
    48 STARS operates independently as a non-profit documentary group, but we deeply respect and honor the service of all veterans.
  • Is the documentary available with closed captions or subtitles?
    Yes, we offer closed captions and subtitles for accessibility. Check the platform you're using to watch the documentary for these options.
  • How can I share feedback about the documentary?
    We value your feedback. You can leave reviews on the platform where you watched the documentary or contact us directly through our website.
  • Does 48 STARS plan to create more documentaries about other historical events?
    While our focus is currently on WWII veterans, we may explore other historical events in the future. Stay updated by following our announcements. We still have more interviews to include in future films still within the WWII era.
  • How did the idea for the documentary series come about?
    The idea for the documentary series was born out of a desire to ensure that the unique and personal stories of WWII veterans are remembered and shared for future generations. It was founded with the vision of creating a lasting tribute to these heroes.
  • Why did you choose to focus on WWII veterans?
    WWII was a pivotal moment in history, and the veterans of that era have incredible stories to tell. We believe it's essential to document their experiences and contributions before they are lost to time.
  • What makes your documentary unique compared to other WWII documentaries?
    Our documentaries delve deep into the lives of veterans, not just their wartime experiences. We capture their personal journeys, including their childhood, post-war lives, and reflections on what the American flag means to them.
  • How many veterans have you interviewed so far?
    We have interviewed 48 veterans from the WWII era, each providing a unique and valuable perspective on their service and life experiences.
  • How can I get involved with 48 STARS?
    We welcome volunteers, sponsors, and individuals who are passionate about preserving history. Contact us on our "Get Involved" page to learn more and explore volunteer roles and submit an application to join our team.
  • Can I support 48 STARS financially?
    Yes, you can make a donation on our "Support" page. Your contributions help us continue our mission of honoring WWII veterans.
  • Can I purchase merchandise related to the documentary?
    We offer a range of merchandise, including DVDs, posters, and commemorative items. Visit our "Shop" page for more information.
  • Are there specific qualifications or skills needed to volunteer?
    Volunteer roles vary, and we welcome individuals with a range of skills and backgrounds. Many roles do not require specific qualifications, but enthusiasm and dedication are essential.
  • Can I volunteer remotely if I'm not located near your office?
    Yes, we offer remote volunteer opportunities for individuals who may not be located near our office. You can contribute to our mission from anywhere.
  • Is there a minimum time commitment required for volunteering?
    The time commitment varies by role. Some tasks may be one-time projects, while others may require a more extended commitment. We'll work with you to find the right fit.

Non-Profit Statement

48 STARS is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations to 48 STARS are tax-deductible. Any donation helps our effort in completing 48 STARS and preserving the history of the WWII generation.

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