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Donate to Support Future Fiilms!

Welcome to our Donation Page, the heart of our mission to preserve the legacies of WWII veterans. Your contribution fuels the production of future films, allowing us to share more untold stories and honor the sacrifices of these heroes.


Choose from preset donation amounts, each granting you a special token of our appreciation, or select your own amount to make a direct impact. Join us in ensuring that these remarkable veterans' voices continue to echo through time. Your support is an investment in history, gratitude, and the power of storytelling.

Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey!


Attention Donors!

Donate and receive a commemorative 48 STARS coin or dog tag to treasure and carry with you as a reminder of how precious memories are and the wisdom we can carry forward from the WWII generation.

How do your donations help us?

Supporting our non-profit has a direct impact on our mission. Your donations will:

  • Enable us to host local showings in Omaha, NE, bringing our documentary to our dedicated local audience.

  • Extend our reach by funding online screenings, ensuring that our film is accessible to followers nationwide and beyond.

  • Elevate our presence in regional film festivals across the Midwest, expanding the recognition and impact of our documentary.

  • Facilitate the creation of additional films based on our collection of 48 veteran interviews, allowing us to share more untold stories.

  • Sustain the production of engaging podcast episodes and captivating YouTube videos that provide insights into the experiences of WWII veterans.

  • Cover travel expenses as we continue to interview men and women from the WWII generation, capturing their stories for posterity.

  • Gather and curate an extensive archive of images, videos, and audio from the WWII era, enriching the depth of our future film projects.

  • Support the operational costs of our 501(c)3 non-profit, including ongoing administrative and logistical needs.

  • Open doors for a multitude of initiatives and projects that extend the reach of our mission and pay homage to the legacy of WWII veterans.

Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a vital role in preserving history, sharing stories, and honoring those who served. Your support fuels our journey to ensure that the remarkable experiences of WWII veterans continue to inspire generations to come.

A Heartfelt
Thank You to
Our Supporters

To our esteemed donors, volunteers, and dedicated supporters,

Your unwavering commitment has woven the tapestry of our non-profit's success, enriching the lives of veterans and honoring their invaluable contributions. Your contributions, whether financial, time, resources, knowledge, wisdom, or expertise, have been the cornerstone of our journey. Your generosity has enabled us to share the stories of WWII veterans, preserving their legacies for future generations. Your selfless dedication has touched lives, ignited conversations, and created a profound impact.


Each donation, every hour spent, and the wealth of experience you've shared has propelled us forward. Through your collective efforts, we've been able to create films that resonate, podcasts that captivate, and initiatives that uplift. Your belief in our mission empowers us to continue honoring history, fostering understanding, and paying tribute to those who have shaped our world.


From the depths of our hearts, we express our deepest gratitude. Your support is more than a gesture – it's a testament to the power of unity, the reverence for stories, and the preservation of memories that otherwise might fade with time. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and for joining us in the shared mission of honoring the past, enriching the present, and inspiring the future.

With heartfelt appreciation,

48 STARS team

Non-Profit Statement

48 STARS is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations to 48 STARS are tax-deductible. Any donation helps our effort in completing 48 STARS and preserving the history of the WWII generation.

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