Dr.Shown Several years ago, Shawn Schmidt had the impulse to record the wartime stories and memories of his father, a former WWII Navy Seabee. Shawn arranged for and paid a videographer but before the job could be done, his father passed away. Shawn was heartbroken that those stories and memories never came to light. They were irretrievable – lost to history.

A few years later, while browsing through an antique store, Shawn happened to spot an old 48 Star flag. It showed the patina of it’s age – stains and threadbare sections but it was a beauty. It was being used as no more than a backdrop for rusty hand tools and weathered junk. All of a sudden, his father’s voice piped up in his head – “Get that crrrapp offa there!” And so without another moments hesitation, Shawn purchased the flag and left the store.

Not long after buying the tired but beautiful old relic, Shawn felt a calling. He may have missed out on the wartime stories of his father but he COULD collect the stories of others who lived through that remarkable time. Thus was born the film documentary “48 STARS”. Since then, the flag has been flown on the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the USS Missouri, and been carried the length and breadth of the United States as the “48 Stars” team has collected over 42 interviews with people who lived through the Second World War.

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