Shawn Schmidt

Shawn M. Schmidt
48 Stars Creator and Director

Shawn M. Schmidt has had a successful 29 year career as a holistic health care physician in Omaha, Nebraska. He has consulted and empowered over 22,000 patients to live healthier and more fulfilling lives utilizing both cutting edge and ancient healing modalities.

Shawn has lectured at national professional conferences, medical schools, public forums and corporations presenting leading edge therapies. He has also appeared on television, radio and in print, emphasizing the importance of life style modification, nutrition and biochemistry in disease prevention, tissue repair and health maintenance.

From 1993 to 2003, Shawn was the owner/driver of the professional Red Shark Racing Team competing seven years in Indy Cars and four years in 360 Winged Sprint cars. He competed nationally and internationally in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Shawn holds a United States patent for a medical stabilization device developed through observation, care and treatment of high velocity post trauma injuries from sports and auto injuries. The device is a post-trauma/post-surgical orthopedic brace for stabilization of the head and cervical rachis.

Deeply moved by the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, Shawn volunteered at ‘Ground Zero’ in New York City. He provided on site chiropractic care at St. Paul’s Chapel for the police, firemen, iron workers and National Guard over the Christmas weekend of 2001.

A first time film maker, Shawn is excited to be branching out into new territory!

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