Isaac Bies

Although only ten years of age, Isaac Bies has an ardent interest in World War II and an extraordinary appreciation for the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served our country.

Isaac’s curiosity about the roots of our free nation has led him to numerous documentaries, books and games. Of special interest to him was President Taft, the subject of his third grade report. Isaac was enamored by two outstanding facts:1) President Taft was responsible for standardizing the American flag as we know it today; 2) He was the first president to throw out a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game (baseball just happens to be Isaac’s favorite sport, and one at which he has great experience and success!).

Another piece of history intriguing to Isaac was the not so well known Battle of Wake Island – a vastly overlooked, yet important victory occurring the same day as the attack on Pearl Harbor. He documented his findings on this battle in yet another third grade report.

Isaac’s high interest in the strategies of WWII and the stories of individual soldiers and heroes has helped him develop uncommon skill in sophisticated board games such as Memoir 44; Axis and Allies Pacific; and Axis and Allies Europe. With his two older brothers, he often combines the Pacific and Europe version of the Axis and Allies games to compete in strategically intricate competitions that overtake the family’s ping pong table for days at a time.

When not authoring reports or competing against his brothers in elaborate re-enactments of WWII battles, Isaac is a top notch southpaw on the mound for his baseball team in Omaha, Nebraska.

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