In the middle of the 20th Century, a war engulfed the world. It claimed lives, brought out the greatest endurance and strength of many, began future movements, and shaped hearts and minds. For Americans, the stories of this time were born under the emblem of a nation.

From Harlem to Honolulu, the “48 STARS” documentary has gathered epic stories from 48 different people. Stories that explore the WWII era through the eyes of those who lived it: veterans, civilians, participants, resisters. From deadly combat to revolutionary inspiration, 48 STARS finds the unexpected revelation, the poignant moment – penetrating to the heart of each human story.

Over 4600 combined years of life, 3.5 years of filming, and 50,000 miles of travel have been put into this unique film. With all 48 interviews completed, and editing underway, the 48 Stars documentary is one step closer to being completed. 48 STARS, coming soon!


When you see it waving, you know you’re home. No matter where it’s at, you know you’re home.

– Sibby LeBeau, WWII US Navy

We were initiated into Nazi Germany with ‘Heil Hitlers,’ swastika flags, propaganda posters, soldiers, military trucks, uniformed Hitler Youth cycling and hiking. On the sides of several buildings we saw signs in German saying ‘Jews not wanted.’ Many expect war before the month is over…..the situation is charged with danger and plenty of it.

– Robert Kreider, WWII Conscientious Objector

Patriotism is not a blind following of the leaders and the flag. Patriotism means finding and sticking up for what is humanistic.

– Jay Wenk, WWII Infantry, Battle of the Bulge

We steamed in and bombarded the coast of Okinawa. I was 19 years old at that time. It scared the hell out of me. We were bombarded by kamikazes.

– Doyle Boothroy, WWII US Navy

It’s hard to say ‘this is my country’ when they say ‘no, really, you’re second class, this is NOT your country.’

– Dabney Montgomery, WWII Tuskegee Airmen

I’m proud of that flag. I’m a firm believer in Old Glory, and that’s that.

– George Williams, US Army Paratrooper

Dr. Mengele…was in a snow white uniform on a high platform where he looked down on us…he was immaculate…he was selecting us which way we go.  He was like God deciding whether we live or die.

– Kitty Williams, Holocaust survivor

I remember vividly going to the train to see him off – all those wives in tears, all those mothers in tears – seemed like half of Omaha got on that train to go to war

– Midge Heath, War Widow


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